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Multifunkcijski brezžični senzor za: gibanje, svetlobo, temperaturo... Popolnoma kompatibilen z ostalimi Fibaro napravami.

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Opis izdelka

Inspired by nature
Beauty comes from nature,
advanced technology from
people. FIBARO extracts the
essence of both and creates
perfection. In conjunction with
the immutable laws of
architecture and the latest
technology, the FIBARO Motion
Sensor was created – your eye
on the home. Inspired by the
beliefs of the ancient Egyptians,
we have designed the world's
smallest, wireless motion sensor
and shaped it like a cat's eye.
For centuries the cat symbolized a guardian of people and the home. Additionally, it is
known as a predator with excellent eyesight, above average hearing and exceptional
vigilance. The FIBARO Motion Sensor is as sharp as a cat's eye; it sees wider and
farther so it can notice what you are unable to see. It has a wide field of view, long
range and is incredibly vigilant. Not only will it make your life more comfortable, but it
will also make you feel safer.
In taking up the challenge of
innovation, we have developed
an intelligent work of art that
combines four useful functions to
give you MORE. This tiny device,
apart from detecting movement,
measures the current ambient
temperature, intensity of light
and vibrations thanks to its
built-in accelerometer.
The FIBARO Motion Sensor expands the comfort of your reality. Create custom scenarios,
so you can forget about nasty situations and enjoy the luxury of safety - its watchful
eye will detect any intrusion or attempted sabotage, fire or other threats.
Now you know and see more!
Colour announces movement and temperature
Motion and temperature The multicolour LED pupil of the FIBARO Motion Sensor informs
family members if it has detected any motion or the current temperature of a room.
Set the colour and its intensity to your liking and, as soon as you enter a room,
you will know what the temperature is there.
Small is beautiful
The world's most advanced technology has been enclosed in a flawless white casing.
With a diameter of less than 44 millimetres, you will love it at first sight!
Intelligent object recognition
One of the main features of the FIBARO Motion Sensor is its excellent ability to detect even the
slightest motion; nothing escapes its attention. Given that all rooms are different, you can also
adjust the Motion Sensor’s sensitivity to suit its location in the house, your individual
needs or a particular situation.
Watch your home and your loved ones
Wondering what's going on at home when you are away? While you are at the office,
or on a business trip, the FIBARO Motion Sensor will watch your home and protect your
loved  ones. In addition, the FIBARO Motion Sensor monitors how much time someone
spends in  a room. So you will be informed when your kids spend most of their time
 watching TV in the living-room instead of doing their homework in their rooms, and
 then you will be able to turn the TV off remotely.
Count the guests
After installing FIBARO Motion Sensors on both sides of the entrance to your home, you
will always know how many people entered or left your house, or a given room. No
need to worry about a teenager being home alone. The FIBARO Motion Sensor will
tell you what time he or she went out, came back home, or how
many visitors he or she had.
Guests arrived? The system will look after them.
Family meeting, dinner with friends, or a party – the FIBARO Motion Sensor will make sure
your guests feel comfortable. Once the system knows there are more people in the house,
it will turn the ventilation on, so there's enough fresh air.
The house wakes up with you
The FIBARO Motion Sensor makes every morning wonderful. When you wake up, the sensor
will start a pre-programmed wake-up scenario. The temperature will be set how you like it,
windows will open to give you a breath of fresh air and blinds will open to let the sunshine
in. Meanwhile, the smell of fresh ground coffee will waft from your kitchen...
It reminds you to arm the alarm
Did you leave the iron or lights on when
leaving in a hurry? Forgot to arm the
alarm? No worries! The FIBARO Motion
Sensor will detect the lack of motion in
the house and inform the Home Center
about it. Then the pre-programmed
scenario will notify you, or automatically
arm the alarm, close the windows, turn
off the lights and all unnecessary devices,
and lower the heating temperature.
Mobility is its greatest feature
The FIBARO Motion Sensor is powered by a long lasting battery, allowing the device to operate
for up to three years. The absence of hard wires in favour of wireless Z-Wave communication
with the main controller, enhances the device’s ability to operate anywhere inside your house.
  Attach it anywhere
  The clever holder allows you to put the sensor
anywhere, or fix it permanently to a wall,
ceiling or other surface. You can change the
sensor’s location whenever you need to.
For the youngsters...
The FIBARO Motion Sensor will wait and turn off the bedside lamp after your
child falls asleep. Your little one will fall asleep peacefully, without stress,
and you won’t have to worry about the bills.
Tamper protection
To keep you and your family safe, the FIBARO Motion Sensor has built-in tamper protection.
Any attempt to relocate or change the sensor's view angle will trigger the alarm and the
system will inform you by sending a message to your mobile devices.
Detect earthquakes  
Earthquakes happen quite frequently,
and even a minor one can be highly
dangerous. Thanks to its built-in
accelerometer, the FIBARO Motion
Sensor will detect even the slightest
vibrations, which you would not be
able to feel yourself. A notification
sent by the system will warn you
against the impending threat,
giving you time to take the
necessary precautions.
It reminds you to arm the alarm
The FIBARO Motion Sensor is powered by a long lasting
battery, allowing the device to operate for up to three years.
The absence of hard wires in favour of wireless Z-Wave
communication with the main controller, enhances the
device’s ability to operate anywhere inside your house.
Great cooperation with
other devices
The FIBARO Motion Sensor works perfectly
in any situation and provides you with
endless possibilities when integrated with
other devices. In the evening it will tell
the system to turn the lights on immediately
after the motion is detected. Consequently
a camera will be able to transmit clear
image to your mobile phone. You can relax,
FIBARO System will guard your home.